Building a Solar Car

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Our Current Car
Solar Car Racing
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Monocoque design using carbon fiber skin with foam core

Prefabricated panels supplied by Beaufort Composites

Roll Cage

Space frame welded from 4130 steel tubing

Solar Panels

Sunpower A-300 Mono Crystalline Silicon Cells


Custom double wishbone suspension machined by Tier One

Hydraulic disk brakes

Rack and pinion unit purchased from Desert Karts


NGM 14 inch Al 6061 wheels

19 inch Bridgestone Ecopia Tires

Donations Needed

NGM high efficiency permanent magnet motor: $25,000

Composite shell: $10,000

Polycarbonate Canopy: $1,500

Maximum Power Point Trackers: $4225

Lithium Ion Battery Pack: $5500

Race Fees  & Travel: $6000

Parts Layout

Composite Frame

Completed Suspension Assembly