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They're "Beauty and the Geek" all in one package! Meet the NERD GIRLS - an impressive team of female engineering students, just one year away from landing top jobs with $70,000 salaries. They turn heads when they enter a room - they're stylish, self-possessed, ambitious and confident. Whether building a solar car or harnessing wind power on a remote island, these girls fully intend to change the planet with their own ingenuity and hard work. NERD GIRLS are everywhere in the media in the United States and abroad.

Myth: Boys are better at math and science than girls.

Myth: A female engineer is socially inept girl with no sense of style.

The projects you will see:

Each project will begin and end at the Nerd Girl "Bat Cave", where our team will live, sleep and plan their day. The five acts follow the steps of any creative process, breaking down into the IDEA, BRAINSTORMING, DESIGNING, CONSTRUCTING, TESTING AND EVALUATING. girls working togetherWithin every project, there will be an "A" story (the Nerd Girl's ongoing solar car project), and a "B" story (the personal stories of the Nerd Girl team members and the young apprentice). Our "A" story (the solar car project) will be a journey into the engineering-world of that process, while the "B" story, (the personal-mentorship story) will offer a closer look at who a Nerd Girl really is: where she comes from, her family, her hobbies, the needs of her community and her own particular impetus to be a Nerd Girl. The young guest star will likewise come to life as we learn about her dream to do something to help a local environmental issue. The week of living with and being inspired by the impressive team of older NERD GIRLS will be a life-altering and unforgettable growth experience for this young girl, which could well influence the course of her life.

The A and B storylines will be interwoven thematically, with issues that pertain such as thinking out of the box, moving beyond your comfort zone, pride, frustration, jealousy, building trust and relying on others - all arise throughout the process. These character-building experiences apply to many facets of life. The skills that emerge are those of creative problem solving, leadership and understanding the systems at work in the world.

The series will feature the girls as they juggle the challenges of their work on the project as well as the challenges of their own young lives. The series Producers, consulting with Dr. Panetta, will guide their crews to find the best stories as they develop. The NERD GIRLS audience will watch the girls as relationships begin, grow and change; as their "engineering" muscles develop and they gain confidence from their experience; as tensions flare up and resolve and when disappointments strike, and finally when accomplishments are made and they begin to see the life-changing potential of their own engineering skills.

Team with carBy making our characters compelling and relatable, our audience will always have someone to relate to. Maybe the teamwork thing just isn't their bag. Maybe someone's discovered that they have something to offer that could make a difference in the world. Maybe it's about being of service. Or maybe it's all about being a part of a growing technology and getting in from the beginning, so you can make your millions.

The months the girls participate in their project are loaded with important life experiences and engineering discoveries. The basics of teamwork are forged, friendships are made, and girls from different backgrounds learn to work together in a socially important arena. The most remarkable change will be to witness the girls who enter as students, gain confidence in their own skills, and develop their own voice and a greater sense of confidence as they face their future together as NERD GIRLS. Participation in the show will naturally also increase networking and career placement opportunities for the young women who participate.

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