breaking the stigmas and stereotypes of women in engineering
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Welcome to NERD GIRLS at Tufts University!

"The Nerd Girls project takes an in depth and intimate look at women in engineering. It highlights their diverse talents and demonstrates their ability to work as a team striving to accomplish a challenging, but doable engineering project." -Dr. Karen Panetta

The engineering team task for the "Nerd Girls" will be to build a solar car. Tufts University has female engineers who have danced in the Nutcracker ballet, sang at the Apollo Theater, are award-winning pianists, and nationally ranked athletes.

The mission of this program is to show a wide audience of young women and young men how successful these students are as they work together to design and construct an engineering system. The project will showcase the young women's talents, diverse backgrounds and engineering skills. The team will build an energy efficient automobile and will drive it down the East coast, visiting local communities along the way and sharing their experiences with K-12 educators and students. As well, they will interact with professional women engineers who will consult on the project.


Nerds: Fact or Fiction?!?