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NERDS: Fact or Fiction?!?

Nerd girls wear coke bottle thick glasses?
Not True! We keep these handy when we want to dump a date!

Nerd Girls don't date?
This is a comment heard from guys we turn down, we have high standards.

Nerd girls' mothers still pick out their clothes?
Yeah, so what's your point? Mom rules!

Nerds wear sandals with socks?
Not true! Only some of our professors do this!

Nerd girls all have mustaches?
Maybe on holloween....

Nerd Girls can't dance?
HA! We challenge ANYONE to out dance us! Jenn and Steph are dance champions!

Nerd Girls could never be cheerleaders because they are too smart?
Did you know Jenn was captain of her high school squad and Karen actually was one too, and a cutie too!

Nerds go into engineering because they can't write?
Bebe is a writer for the Tufts Daily Newspaper.

Nerd Girls aren't athletic?
Hmmm, our tennis champ Katie would happily whoop some skeptic butt on the court...and we'll even film it!

Nerd Girls stay home doing homework on saturday nights?
Another avoidance line we give guys we don't want to date.