breaking the stigmas and stereotypes of women in engineering
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The Girls (and Guys!!)
meet the 2005-2006 team!

My name is Lauren and I am a computer engineer. If my engineering career falls through, I am going to move to Milan and become the apprentice to a top fashion designer. If my career takes off, then the fashion designers will work for Lauren!

My name is Danielle and I知 mechanical engineer at Tufts. After I finish my engineering requirements, I plan on obtaining my MBA, traveling the world and along my road to riches and fame, become one of the most well known CEO痴 and culinary artists!

Hi! I知 Joanna. I am a mechanical engineer. I will be graduating in a year and a half, preferably with a high paying engineering job. I hope to take my money, move to the coast and become a beach bunny. I知 thinking lots of surfing, tanning, and margaritas.

My name is Marianne Stark. I am a junior Electrical and Biomedical Engineer who is also a pre-veterinary student. At Tufts, I知 a freshman resident advisor and the treasurer of the pre-veterinary society; I am also involved in IEEE, SWE and LCS. My secret goal in life is to hold a tiger cub.

I知 Linda and I知 a graduate student in electrical engineering. Beside being a technical genius, I plan on winning an Oscar as best actress in a popular independent film.

Senior majoring in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering
Interests: Gymnastics, traveling the world, the beach, and spending time with family and friends.
Ambitions: Visit every continent, work for NASA someday, and keep in touch with all the really cool people I've met through the years.

My name is Valery and I知 a junior electrical and biomedical engineer. I have spent the last 2 years working with barnacles to come up with a non-toxic inhibitor to keep them from binding to large ships. Yes, I am a nerd in every sense of the word but my secret aspiration in life is to travel the world as a professional pianist.

Hiiiiiii!!! I am a Senior Electrical Engineering student here at Tufts. I am also minoring in Spanish. I really enjoy running and any other sports. I loveeeee cereal and shopping --- definitely two of my favorite things in life. I SMILE a lot and like being silly. I think dogs are amazing and - even better - boys that really care.

I知 RaeAnne and I知 a junior in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. I secretly want to be an artist and paint scenic landscapes on large canvases.

Hi, my name is Jillian and I知 a computer engineer. After I retire, I would like to open a non-profit organization to help under privileged children.

My name is Cristina and if I can稚 be a nerd for the rest of my life, I want to be a back-up dancer in a music video.

Senior majoring in Electrical Engineering
Interests: Football (Soccer), electronic music, good cuisine and good times
Ambitions: Come up with the next e=mc^2, use my degree to do something with imagery and music, perform Xsports and put a smile on your face

I'm a freshman mechanical engineer with a passion for Mario Kart (SNES), Java, and the Caribbean. I'd like to work in robotics and/or as an imagineer. That's the plan, anyway. If anyone would like to help out, job offers are always welcome, as are cash donations. I also accept personal checks. I'm not kidding. I need a job.

Hi everyone, my name is Cara and I'm a junior chemical engineer. I love traveling and shopping..and the combinations of those things usually makes me pretty poor. That's why I need to be an engineer to pay for my expensive habits. I also love skiing. I want to work in the biomedical field someday and I plan to get my PhD in Biomedical Engineering.


Hi guys, I'm Sumi, and I'm an electrical and biomedical engineer. While being a nerd takes up a lot of my schedule, I do find the time to persue other non-enginering interests such as learning new languages, painting, dancing, and making jewelry.

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>Karen, the original Nerd Girl

Interest: Bunnies and other fuzzy animals (alive please), shopping.
Ambitions: To be a NASA astronaut, to be an animated character on the Simpsons, be the voice for a cute fuzzy animal in a Disney Cartoon.