breaking the stigmas and stereotypes of women in engineering
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Alumni Nerd Girls
meet the 2002-2003 team!

Senior majoring in Computer Engineering
Interests: My dog Buddy, talking, shoe shopping, skiing, reading good novels.
Ambitions: To eat chicken nuggets in the White House, drive a samboni, make more money than the next guy, prove everyone wrong =)

Senior majoring in Electrical Engineering
Interests: Drawing, sports, Ireland, chocolate, and long walks on the beach followed by a candlelit dinner.
Ambitions: Make an electrical/solar car, travel, meet Bono and the rest of U2, and have fun along the way.

Senior majoring in Computer Engineering
Interests: Tennis, traveling, drawing, photography, multimedia, music, beaches, Sweden, family, friends.

Senior majoring in Computer Engineering
Interests: Ballroom Dancing, costume making, web designing, and Starbucks!
Ambitions: Race the solar car to #1, set-up engineering/computer programs in elementary school systems, build a ballroom in my dream house.

Senior majoring in Computer Engineering
Interests: Ballet, familty dinners, watching movies, skiiing, beautiful beaches, light summer reading, Monet and Degas, theatre, and France.
Ambitions: To own my own special effects company and non-profit organization to help communities build centers for Tolerance, Education, and Culture (TEC).

Sophomore majoring in Multimedia Design
Interests: Graphic/Web design, animation, drawing, online trasure-hunting, dancing
Ambitions: To introduce really good 3D computer graphics to Puerto Rican media.


>Karen, the original Nerd Girl

Interest: Bunnies and other fuzzy animals (alive please), shopping.
Ambitions: To be a NASA astronaut, to be an animated character on the Simpsons, be the voice for a cute fuzzy animal in a Disney Cartoon.

>Professor Steve Morrison

>Alan Rux, solar car racing guru
Over 15 years experience with energy efficient vehicles.
Ambitions: To win!

>Larisa Schelkin, Project Manager
Ambitions: To promote women in engineering.