breaking the stigmas and stereotypes of women in engineering
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The Girls (and Guys!!)
meet the 2004-2005 team!

Senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering
Interests: Toys, painting, rock concerts, museums, city life.
Ambitions: Create new Muppets, invent super cool toys, live on both coasts, hug Big Bird, and forever be a kid all the while proving how cool enginerds can be.

Senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering
Interests: Sailing, horseback riding, video games, and robotics.
Ambitions: To see the world.

Senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering
Interests: Clothes, coats, things that sparkle, Disneyland.
Ambitions: To become Indiana Jones, open a flower shop, and play with polymers.

Sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering and either Math or Biomed
Interests: Golf, circuits, really good books, amazing food, and interesting people.
Ambitions: To play with really cool things like microchips and to find a job that lets me travel the world and be an enginerd.

Junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science
Interests: Taking things apart, building/fixing computers, waterskiing, weight lifting, running
Ambitions: To design more fuel efficient engines for production use, to learn how computers work, and to race in an amateur SCCA race.

Junior majoring in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering
Interests: Gymnastics, traveling the world, the beach, and spending time with family and friends.
Ambitions: Visit every continent, work for NASA someday, and keep in touch with all the really cool people I've met through the years.

Junior majoring in Electrical Engineering
Interests: Football (Soccer), electronic music, good cuisine and good times
Ambitions: Come up with the next e=mc^2, use my degree to do something with imagery and music, perform Xsports and put a smile on your face


>Karen, the original Nerd Girl

Interest: Bunnies and other fuzzy animals (alive please), shopping.
Ambitions: To be a NASA astronaut, to be an animated character on the Simpsons, be the voice for a cute fuzzy animal in a Disney Cartoon.