breaking the stigmas and stereotypes of women in engineering
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Alumni Nerd Girls
meet the 2003-2004 team!

Senior majoring in Electrical Engineering
Interests: Canoeing, theater, spicy food, great literature, Spanish, and exploring new cultures.
Ambitions: Make a crazy robots, backpack in South America, and learn a few more languages.

Junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering
Interests: Toys, painting, rock concerts, museums, city life.
Ambitions: Create new Muppets, invent super cool toys, live on both coasts, hug Big Bird, and forever be a kid all the while proving how cool enginerds can be.

Senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering
Interests: Renewable energy and alternative fuels, snorkeling, sailing, and anything to do with the ocean, reading, and traveling.
Ambitions: Learn to surf, see the Great Barrier Reef, make renewable energy viable.

Senior majoring in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Astronomy
Interests: Skiing, cycling, Engineering Outreach, dancing, astronomy.
Ambitions: Build a solar car and computer, run the NYC marathon, travel to Ireland, drive a black Jaguar.

>emily m.
Senior majoring in Electrical Engineering
Interests: England, biking, theater, travel, reading, Les Mis.
Ambitions: To travel to at least three countries in six of the continents (sorry Antarctica, I hate the cold), to read all of Shakespeare's plays, to finally make it to the Fells!

Senior majoring in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering
Interests: Traveling, dancing, music, tennis and volleyball, learning different languages, having a good time with family and friends, long walks and drives, mountains and oceans and being a "nerd girl".
Ambitions: A balanced life, becoming a great chef as my mum, figure skating and violin, promoting awareness and education in the society, promoting women in engineering and racing the car to #1!

Sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering
Interests: Art, cooking, sewing, reading, and keeping on the move.
Ambitions: Open an art gallery, become an imagineer and travel the world.

Senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering
Interests: Reading, singing, dancing, playing the flute, and shopping.
Ambitions: To become Chief Scientist at a company, get my PhD in mechanical engineering and eventually teach in a university, and to play the flute in the pit of a Broadway play.

Sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Spanish
Interests: Volleyball, china, the flute, volunteering, philosophy.
Ambitions: To engineer environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional

Senior majoring in Engineering Psychology/Human Factors and Biomedical Engineering
Interests: Art, photography, music, hiking, dancing, singing, traveling, and reading
Ambitions: To design products or make a workspace more efficient, live in the Bahamas, and laugh every day.

>emily r.
Senior majoring in mechanical engineering
Interests: Music, radio, astronomy, engineering educational outreach
Ambitions: To go to graduate school, travel and be happy.

Sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering and computer science
Interests: Taking things apart, building/fixing computers, waterskiing, weight lifting, running
Ambitions: To design more fuel efficient engines for production use, to learn how computers work, and to race in an amateur SCCA race.

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>Karen, the original Nerd Girl

Interest: Bunnies and other fuzzy animals (alive please), shopping.
Ambitions: To be a NASA astronaut, to be an animated character on the Simpsons, be the voice for a cute fuzzy animal in a Disney Cartoon.

>Larisa Schelkin, Project Manager
Ambitions: To promote women in engineering.