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Media Publications
The "Nerd Girls" have been featured in a number of newspaper and magazine articles. Please contact us if you are interested in our story!

  • "North Tower Light Shines Again"
    GD Times, 7/18/06 [link]
  • "Thacher's Twin Towers Shine Again"
    GD Times, 7/18/06 [link]
  • "Smart and Cool"
    Tufts Observer, 4/08/05 [link]
  • "Female engineers defy stereotypes, build solar car"
    The Tufts Daily, 10/22/02 [link]
  • "Who are you calling a nerd?"
    Tufts Observer, 4/01/02 [link]
  • "Smashing Stereotypes"
    Tufts E-News, 9/23/02 [link]
  • "Science of Snaring"
    The Boston Globe, 9/22/02
  • "Nerds getting ready to rev up solar engine"
    Mass High Tech, 9/3/02 [
  • "Tufts University Project Seeks to Attract More Women to Engineering "
    IEEE Institute, Vol 26, No 9, 9/02, [link]
  • "Who are you calling a Nerd?"
    Tufts Daily, 4/19/02