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breaking the stigmas and stereotypes of women in engineering

We are seeking sponsors to provide the team members with a stipend for their
endeavors, to underwrite the cost of computer equipment and modeling software
necessary to perform the research and development of the car, and to cover the
travel expenses for the road trip, including those of support personnel. The team
members will be forsaking summer positions and engineering internships that
have become essential for securing a position after graduation. We want their
involvement in the "Nerd Girls" project to be an equivalent experience to the
real open-ended engineering problems one would encounter in an industrial position.
Please help us! For more info,

* Our Current Sponsors

  • Primary Sponsors: $10,000+ a year for 3 years
    Benefits: documentary video, signage on car, support vehicles, uniforms, etc. Sponsors promoted with all media interviews. Availablity of car for display at corporate headquarters/corporate publicity, engineering design reports, signed team poster and jersey.

  • Major Sponsors: $5,000+
    Benefits: documentary video, support vehicles, uniforms, etc. Sponsors promoted with all media interviews, signed team poster.

  • Associate Sponsors: $2,000 - $4,999
    Benefits: signage on support vehicles, uniforms, etc. Limited promotion during media interviews.

  • Contributors: $500 - $1,999
    Benefits: signage on support vehicles, etc. Limited promotion as it is appropriate.

  • Participants: up to $500
    Benefits: name printed on sponsor board to be displayed wth vehicle at media events (proportional to the value of the contribution).

  • Adopt-a-Solar-Cell: $10
    We offer a certificate for each purchase with your name and the conceptual drawing of the car.
    Benefits: your name can appear on the back support of the solar cell - providing positive environmentally friendly advertising for your group. When we are stopped and charging the backside support for the cells would act like a billboard.