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Phase III: Construction of the Anne E. B. II (Summer 2005)

Now comes the fun part... CONSTRUCTION! Parts have been ordered, drawings have been made, now we just need to put it all together! Come back for updates and photos all summer.


Phase II: Designing the new car, Anne E. B. II (January 2003 - March 2005)

The team now consists of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers. And now there are Nerd GUYS!! Guys begged to be part of our team because it deals with the latest and greatest in renewable energy, which is extremely cool. Don't worry, we are still focusing our outreach on young girls and their early involvement in science and engineering.

The shell, chassis, power systems, and cockpit systems are being designed. To read some of the senior capstone project reports about the car design, click here.


Phase I: Retrofitting the training car and learning about sub-systems (2002 and earlier)

We have reached the end of Phase I!. With a bit of reverse engineering, our car, Anne E. B., has been reborn. She drives, toots, and attracks lots of attention from onlookers when the Nerd Girls take her for a spin.

Currently, we're planning our outreach events to local schools and malls. The girls are also researching information on mechanical systems and various devices in design preparation of our next solar car we will build from scratch.