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Files from Blackboard
--EE final reports--

E Meter [doc]
Lights and Motor Controller[doc]
RPM Detection and Horn [doc]
Lighting System Schematic[doc]
Horn Schematic[doc]
Turn Indicator Schematic[doc]
Revolution Counter[doc]
Battery Specs[xls]
--Purchased Items Spec Sheets--
PVX 340TNC (Battery Specs)[pdf]
Motor Diagram Website[gif]
--Other Files--
Rack and Pinion[doc]
Task List 2004[xls]
Links to Shocks and Brakes[doc]
Frame Models[zip]
Human Factors Body Dimensions[xls]
Body Dimensions[doc]
Complete Spec Sheet[doc]
Bill of Materials[xls]
Battery Curves 1[doc]
Battery Curves 2[doc]
Battery Spreadsheet[xls]
Battery Websites[doc]
Hackleman's Battery Suggestions[doc]
Lithium Ion Characteristics[doc]
NiMH Characteristics[doc]
Revised Battery Comparison[doc]
Lights (Becky)[doc]

Anne E. B. II documents
Battery Statistics [table in progress]

Coil over Shocks [v1]
Solar [v1] [block] [v2]

2003-2004 Parts List [Oct5]

Suspension (small view) 11/13/02
Suspension and wheel 11/13/02
Suspension and wheel 2 11/13/02

Anne E. B. I Archives
*Anne E.B. Spec sheet [word]
*FAQ's (as of 10-15) [word]

Inventory List [word]
Solar Panel Block Diagram [pdf] [visio]
Solar Panel Wiring Diagram [pdf] [visio]
Steering [pdf] [visio]
Shock [pdf] [visio]
About Motor/Breaks/Suspension [word]
Solectria Brushless Motor Controller [word]

Prof. Couch's Motor Info [word]




Fall Senior Project 2006
Sign-up Forms
       Registration New              [pdf]
       Registration Returning      [pdf]
       Legal Location Release    [pdf]
       Legal Personal Release    [pdf]

click on image to see more pics
Final Senior Projects 2004

Solar Shell Design Group: allison, laura, sheldon, doug
[pdf] [word] [ppt presentation]

Final Senior Projects 2003

MPPT Group: steph, katie, jeanell
[pdf] [word] [ppt presentation]

  • Ultrafast Rectifier [pdf]
  • 12 Bit Rail-to-Rail DACs [pdf]
  • HiPerFet Power MOSFETs [pdf]
  • High Speed 6A Single MOSFET Drivers [pdf]
  • PICmicro MCU + CAN Microcontroller [pdf] [full manual pdf]
  • 20W 48V input isolated DC/DC converter [pdf]
  • Pulse-Width-Modulation Control Circuits [pdf]
  • Fixed 12V 120mA Boost Converter Supply [pdf]


Instrumentation Panel Group: meghan, gladys
[pdf] [word] [addendum pdf] [addendum word]

  • EPROM [pdf]
  • Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter [pdf]
  • MPASM user's guide [pdf]
  • High performance enhanced FLASH microcontroller [pdf]
  • LCD screen [doc]


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